One of the best compliments I can receive as a photographer is that my subjects don't know that I am there shooting them. I don't want to be invisible as a human being, but when I've got a camera in front of my face, I'll take it.

I am fascinated with all the ways that light can be manifested both actively and passively through transformations in color, magnification, distortion and reflection. The presence, absence and quality of light are some of the most crucial elements in every step of photography. Not only does light make visible what the photographer sees, but it also creates the image on the film and subsequently on paper. Light is the basic construct of visual existence and for myself, as an artist, to work directly with it is a profound and magical experience.

I was born in Austin, TX and like any proud Texan I'm not afraid to tell you. I studied fine art and photography under James Welling and Catherine Opie at the University of California: Los Angeles, I have traveled and lived around the country and part of the world for work. I currently call Brooklyn, NY my home-base.



I will always be a loyal analog photographer (#filmforever), but understand the necessity and cost efficiency of digital cameras. 

I am a Local 600 Union still photographer.

CONTACT: akooris@gmail.com